• Kurt


    Founder & Chair of EARTHwise Centre, Founder & CEO 3CS, senior executive coach, psycho-social expert, social scientist, eco-historian, naturopathic physician

    At each new generation, we seem to be starting from scratch. As if nothing existed before. Strange way of building without foundation. And yet, claiming that we are using the wisdom of the past."


    "In the word humanity, you can change a few letters and you get the word humility. The way to humanity is to learn from each other in basic things, like daily living. If you start to be humble and accept that the other might have something to share with you, to teach you, then you can grow together and you become stronger."


    “The very idea of learning produces for some a blockage of one of the hemispheres and a panic state as beta waves in the other. To actually being able to learn requires the production of a symmetrical alpha wave in our brain. This can be produced simply for a start by closing one's eyes, just as Socrates used to practice by closing the physical eyes to open those of the Spirit. Training our younger generations in receptivity for better understanding is a must for thrivability.”

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10 - 14 October 2019

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