• Raul


    Biologist and environmentalist, founder and President of FUNAM (The Foundation for the Defence of the Environment),

    Professor Titular Plenario de Biología Evolutiva (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba),

    Director, Campus Córdoba Right Livelihood College (RLC) 

    The problems of human survival can no longer be approached by separate segments and pieces, but by systems that connect all branches of human knowledge, the participation of citizens, the crisis of the environment and above all the crisis of society, where sensitive topics such as science, the role of religions, consumerism, corruption, slavery, human trafficking, education, prostitution, violence, organized crime, arms and war, among others, are indissolubly connected with the destruction of the environment, the retraction of natural ecosystems and the existence of a planet with limits. A planet for which there is no substitute planet.

10 - 14 October 2019

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