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The moment when all the usual waypoints are destroyed and messed up, when all resources are exhausted, when the rails along which the train of this civilization used to run have ended, and the carriages rear up, colliding and scattering, and an individual feels like a grain of sand in the epicenter of a landslide...




Mtskheta is one of the oldest historical, cultural and spiritual centers; a gigantic amplifier of hopes about humankind. Not so much a town as an antenna connecting Heaven and Earth, the real and the possible.


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If there is a way out, it is in and through us. "The Ability to Love" - that which is engrained from the moment of creation in each of us, not being anyone's accomplishment, but only an opportunity that needs to be discovered, released, manifested. With or without it, these two futures, two humanities, two meanings of life are at the same time visually indistinguishable and irreconcilable in essence: like a baseball bat and a magic wand.




By personal invitations (only 100 seats are available):

- A court hearing of "The case of the Wise Man (Homo Sapiens)". 100 phrases and illustrations from the interdisciplinary report of the NOW expert group, prepared in 2020-2022 that blow up the usual ideas about Homo Sapiens and its capabilities.

- "The Main Mystery of the Modern Age": the latest (mostly hushed up) discoveries about the nature of life and man, revealing the possibility of a different, lively and joyful way of human development.

- "The Generator of Opportunities": a symbolic action that opens a way out of the impasse the civilization finds itself in. "A trigger of change", launching a new logic of events centered, instead of being animal-like, on being alive.


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- Exhibition "The Eyes of the Beholder" - "a world full of eyes", the eyes of animals, whales, birds watching us.


- "Heaven inside" – a multimedia concert at the gates of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.


- The Mystery of the Labyrinth - a symbol of the life path and spiritual rebirth. The largest among the existing labyrinths of "Chartres type" will be built by the Assembly participants in a field in the center of Mtskheta, surrounded by World Heritage listed monuments. The centre of the Labyrinth - NOW – is the main battleground between the human and the beastly, good and evil. This is happening now - with us.


- Establishment of the Guiding Thread international award in the fields of science, art, and social practices.


- "A Word to the World" appeal – a way to experience direct interaction with the Universe as a unitary, living and intelligent being. The [adoption of the] Mtskheta Declaration, which is to start a new global diplomacy, based on the principle of open code, where the word of each reinforces the Common Word, because we are all inseparable and united.




The first (constituent) NOW Assembly was held behind closed doors (without the media or a spectator audience) in Delphi, Greece on the eve of the pandemic in October, 2019 with the participation of 150 prominent scientists, cultural figures, and social practitioners from 25 countries.

In 2022, the Assembly is held in cooperation with the Mayor's Office of Mtskheta and with the blessing of the dean of the Patriarchal Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli.

The Assemble finale will take place on October 14 - the Day of Mtskheta and Svetitskhoveli, in the presence of media representatives, special guests, state and spiritual leaders, cultural and business elite.