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The NOW Assembly - Nature Of Wonders is an international gathering of scientists, cultural figures and social practitioners, simultaneously presenting a unified, coherent picture of the world drawn from the most striking scientific breakthroughs and important cultural trends of recent years. Together they transform the system of ideas about the world and humans’ place in it and can possibly lead the humankind out of the civilizational impasse.

A growing number of problems in all areas of life, a systemic crisis of civilisation...

A multitude of urgent measures aimed at "fighting fires” seep through all the cracks...

A huge number of questions, while it is impossible to agree on the answers.

Humanity does not have a worldview.

Instead, there are seven billion conflicting, incomplete sets of convictions, prejudices, and narrowly professional skills.

Man lives in a defragmented world in which consecutive conscious actions are impossible.

It makes no sense to treat the symptoms and struggle with the particulars without deciding the main thing.

Unified answers to the eternal questions of “who are we?” “where are we?” and “why are we here?”, under a unified worldview, have never existed. But until now it has been possible to live without one.

Then suddenly the Anthropocene epoch dawned on Earth – humanity became the number one factor on which the continuation of life on the planet depends.

The scientifically recognised indicator of self-awareness is the so-called "mirror test" – the ability to recognise oneself in a mirror.

A human child passes it from the age of one and a half years.

Humanity has reached the age when it must recognise itself, otherwise catastrophe is inevitable.

A worldview is not an intellectual concept by a specific author, but an adequate vision of the world and oneself in it.

We assert that to date, in various areas of knowledge, a sufficient number of discoveries have been made and brought to light to enable the assembly of the complete puzzle.

Labirynth 10.png

The process of putting together the whole from the pieces is called assembly.

This is not just another “Plan B”; it is the only “Plan A”, because we do not have another planet or another universe.

The NOW Assembly is an interdisciplinary gathering to compile the unified puzzle of the picture of the world, possessing properties that could not be dreamed of separately by any of the pieces.


A new paradigm is when it suddenly becomes clear that what seemed unshakable is so helpless that it cannot offer a single solution, and what seemed to be fantasy or heresy is the fundamental law of the Universe.

The Earth is round?! Even if the authorities agreed to consider it square? It rotates around the Sun?!

Whales have a language?! Two particles are entangled non-locally?!

The world is not the way we are told in school.

And if this is not acknowledged now, we will not make it.

The “Nature of Wonders” Assembly is intended to compile and present compelling evidence of a holistic picture of the Universe, which will enable a different, harmonious interaction between man and the world, without which there can be no way out of the civilisational dead-end.

The main wonder of the current era is that a conscious choice by humanity is capable of shaping the future reality.


A congress of scientists, cultural figures and social practitioners, presenting the most significant discoveries collectively changing the accepted picture of the world and man.

A joint step out of the box, a comprehensive departure from the framework of the representational system under which all of the problems of modern times were created. A trigger launching an avalanche of invigorating changes.

A global show on the dissolution of borders. A “Field of Miracles”, a crossword puzzle in which each open letter facilitates the disclosure of its neighbours and allows them to be checked for authenticity.

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