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The first days of the Assembly will be held “behind closed doors”, implying the absence of representatives of the media and curious spectators, in order to provide the participants with conditions as conducive as possible to an honest and open exchange of ideas.

With certain exceptions, there will be no individual presentations at the Assembly.

The main discoveries and ideas of each participant will be presented in advance, and the Assembly will be the time and place of collective assembly.

At the same time, the “Reception of the Delphi Duty Officer” will function constantly, and here key participants (only those who are ready) will in turn have an academic hour at their sole disposal to share their most important thoughts and conclusions, as well as to answer questions from their colleagues and other participants.

The "Reception" will operate in parallel with round tables organised in three main panels:

new  anthropology
new physics
new practice

In the evenings, Assembly participants can expect selected premiere film screenings, musical expositions and demonstrations of experiments.

The Assembly’s working language is English.


The concluding event will piece together the key ideas of the Assembly's participants, which will be presented publicly in the genre of a unique experiment of extreme acuity.

The experience will entail the presence of a larger number of participants, including invited individuals; however, they will not be passive guests at an exclusive social event, but witnesses of and participants in the mystery of choosing the desired future.

This constitutes assembly by hand of the world of the immediate future – a trigger event that will set off an avalanche-like process of change…

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Presence at this ceremony will allow direct participation in wonder creation – in deciding the fate of humanity, the birth of a new paradigm.

The old story has ceased to flow.

Will there be a new one? We will try.

The conscious coherent effort of a significant number of individuals of such a scale and in this place is capable of becoming a point of reference, a turning point for civilisation – a second before it shatters from a frontal collision with its own impenetrability.

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