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The NOW international expert council has selected for participation in the Assembly one hundred individuals, who have made their main occupation the study of the Universe and the nature of man, care for humanity and the planet as a whole.

Among them are the greatest thinkers and cultural figures, authors of breakthrough scientific discoveries, innovative ideas and practices, carriers of a holistic world view.

The composition of the participants is unprecedented.

Each has an ingredient of the elixir that they have extracted, and now comes the anticipation of the mystery – gathering them all together and making the drink of life for the first time...

This is a new concept of leadership. Until now, the common soup has been brewed by politicians and functionaries who specialise in controlling the masses; let it finally be prepared by pioneers who do not depend on artificial agreements or former structures and institutions – those who look attentively at man and the world...

* Changes are possible due to circumstances not dependent on the organisers.

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