• Alexander

    Psychologist, Head of the Department of the Psychology of Personality at the Moscow State University, full member of the Russian Academy of Education 

    From now on there will be no other epoch besides the epoch of change.

    The habitual adaptation strategies no longer work and only contribute to the simplification of reality and the raising of the ideal of security onto a pedestal.

    The ideal of security results in various kinds of technologies aimed at creating depersonalisation coming to the fore.

    Any models based on extrapolation stop working in a situation of rapid change.

    The winner is he who chooses a strategy of pre-adaptation – willingness to change.

    You cannot build models of the future based solely on the options of the past.

    There is a whole layer of pre-adaptation phenomena that do not fit into rational patterns of understanding behaviour. These pre-adaptations, as “the anticipation of change”, are paradoxical –in the present there are always forms of the future that we stifle or do not notice, but which appear before something occurs.

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10 - 14 October 2019

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