• Alexander

    and Nicole


    Cultural anthropologists, founders of the Dolphin

    Embassy and the Ultimate

    Experience Club, personal consultants specialising in existential and meaning-related issues, working with leaders of large private companies, originators of "30th Parallel - Archaeology of Possibilities" project and the Dolphinity World Festival. Authors of books and films as well as educational and transformative programs. Originators of the NOW Assembly. 

    The most valuable thing is the knowledge and feeling that every person is wonderful. Because by our nature we are carriers and conductors of the wonderful into the world. Wonderworkers.  We are capable of consciously creating the world, creating the future, choosing the best from the space of possibilities and embodying it. And the biggest paradox is that, alas, despite being the greatest wonder of the universe, in most cases a person does not want to believe it and chooses to live completely differently.


    The path of development is awareness of one's destiny. Not one’s personal destiny, but that of humanity as a species on this planet. And the movement towards alignment with this purpose – and responsibility for it.


    It is necessary to realise yourself not in the future, but in the present, right now – to recognise yourself in the mirror. We are woven from matter as much as not from matter. Inside us they are combined. We are inextricably linked with each other, and through us the power of the universe, which does not belong to us, penetrates into the world – Intelligent Life, which realises itself through us. 


    According to one definition of intelligence, it is the ability to use the forces of the world without destroying the world. This is rarely remembered, because for humanity it is extremely unpleasant. Nevertheless, from our point of view, this is perhaps the main criterion of intelligence and it is universal.

10 - 14 October 2019

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