• Bas

    de Leeuw

    Managing Director World Resources Forum (WRF), Switzerland. Member Club of Rome. Former UN Environment official. Economist. Writer, facilitator, communicator. 

    Just like we need to zoom out in Google Maps to see where to go, we need to see the whole system, all elements and flows, and where these come together and can be influenced. These are the leverage points, the right handles to pull and to intervene in the system. Small changes work throughout the whole system and to as much as actors possible. Without proper regulations and correct prices it requires tremendous awareness raising efforts and campaigns, lecturing, scapegoating, marching in the streets, twitter wars, to bring about the right changes. One even risks to alienate ordinary people, who in principle have nothing against the environment, but who simply do not want to be told by anybody how to live. Governments should regulate, that is what we have invented them for.

10 - 14 October 2019

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