• Anneli


    Expert in social change management, speaker, trainer, initiator of numerous social movement, founder and CEO of Let’s Do It World that organises the World Cleanup Day.

    Our take-make and throwaway culture can’t be sustainable for long. The resources we’re extracting are not unlimited, and neither is the space in which to throw our waste away. 

    The majority of the world’s population have the same disease – ‘trash blindness’. We don't even notice the garbage anymore. Not in nature, not in our garbage bin. In fact - there is no such thing as ‘away’. We have just one planet. 

    There are already generations who have been born into such a trash-filled world that they find see it as a normal living environment. They have never seen the earth clean. Crazy, isn't it? 

    ‘Waste’ is a human concept and a human problem. Only humans have developed ways to create single-use dead-end products, which linger in our environment for hundreds of years. And we call this innovation! 

    In nature, there is no waste, because every living thing serves a greater purpose beyond its own lifespan - contributing to the growth of something else, once its time is up.

    The solution for the global garbage crisis starts in our heads. Let's use our brains, science, technology and psychology to create sustainable solutions that reconnect us to environment. Let’s use our brains for good at last, and clean up the mess we have created during the past decades. 

10 - 14 October 2019

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