• Anneloes


    Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre with research focus on Systemic Transformational Change and Transitioning to a Thrivability Civilisation, author.

    There is a beautiful future waiting to be born through us and we are its possibility. This future emerges from the actualisation of our greatest evolutionary potential. We become pregnant of this future possibility when we trust in being birthed by this future from the Cosmic womb of Life. Thank you for being this possibility for all of us.

    When we enter our heart, it informs our mind of all it needs to know. The power that is held inside us is the power through which the universe manifests itself. It is by this power that we heal ourselves, that we restore ourselves, and remember who we are.

    To alter our current course of destruction and collapse, it is essential that we actualize our unity from wholeness. We cannot change the outer world without becoming conscious of the inner world. Our future is our collective responsibility.

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10 - 14 October 2019

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