• Patrick


    Chief Architect of a scalable operating model to unleash and empower human  potential to go beyond. Founder of the Beyond Company 

    There is a passion deep inside of me about the power of that central theme (question). A way that would allow teams in any organization to freely articulate who they are, why they are here, where they want to go ​together,​ and what they are willing to give for one another for that better future to come true.

    It is about having the courage to go Beyond all that has come before us, which in itself is the baseline of what has defined progress for all humankind since the dawn of time. And in so doing, most importantly, when we answer that core question we will come to realize that it takes us beyond the old paradigm that has brought us to where we are today. The modern reality of the digital age and the truth of the state of our planet has put us in a spot where that old paradigm has finally met its match. And the new paradigm, and those of us that embrace it, will free us to go places we never even imagined possible.

    So have the courage to go Beyond. 

10 - 14 October 2019

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