• Anna


    Researcher, Writer, Teacher, aesthete, founder of the ÌNIN (INtuitive INtelligence) Project.

    While the nature of reality today reveals itself as vacuum and consciousness, which emerge in the local dimensions as a field of information in which we are immersed and of which we are made, 

    while we are recreated by the incommensurable qualities and eloquence emerging from life,

    perhaps today we do not need new knowledge which we can accumulate in our bookshelves. 

    Perhaps today we need a new experience, capable to remould the world.

    Within the breathing of human evolution,  after the shift from the era of non verbality into the era of verbality & of 'logic' thinking, 

    today we can experience the shift: from 'logic' into 'anà-logic', (beyond logic); into the experience of an unexploredanà-logicalINtuitive INtelligence: (which I have called ÌNIN).

    Where man is nourished  by Life's Intelligence, and he is constantly re-created by implicit intuitive information→ to which he gives explicit forms: as creations & discoveries. 

    Man can recognize himself as instrumentof the Symphony of life, of the perennial evolution-creation.

10 - 14 October 2019

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